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A lifestyle brand is more than just a logo, product, or service, it is the story and belief system that embodies and champions an identity or subculture within society. Lifestyle brands work by figuring out what their consumers want to achieve, experiences they crave, and the people, things, and ideas that inspire them. When you know exactly who your audience is and what they want out of life, your ability to paint that image becomes so much more attainable. When brands can successfully connect and build a community of people who are standing shoulder to shoulder, a sense of solidarity is formed that intensifies the feelings, beliefs and passions for that desired lifestyle. 


Brand strategy and identity is an essential tool in building a strong brand experience, the type of experience that shapes culture and builds communities you’ve only dreamt of.

We are more than just a creative agency, we are a community of revolutionary entrepreneurs that are on a mission to impact industries on a global level. We collaboratively develop consciously bold lifestyle brands that are built on genuine connections and relationships. Our approach is rooted in strategy and creative expression, helping you connect with your dream clients on a deeper level.

We challenge the way you view your business, pushing you in the direction of fully understanding your purpose and connecting you with the communities and subcultures that share your‘ why?’. Our aim is to help cultivate a community that embodies your brand’s lifestyle by providing the clarity you need through immersive branding experiences, ongoing creative collaboration and empowerment.

subcultr inc

Behind the Scenes

of the Subcultr Brand


Was it a coincidence we ran into each other in 2003 more than 2000 km away from home at Tyrone Mall in Clearwater Florida? Who would have thought after meeting for the first time in Grade 3 that today, 18 years later we would partner in a business venture? Could it have been all the years we spent creating dance routines and movie skits that fueled our creative juices? Or was it the endless hours spent using the “Motherlode” cheat on “The Sims'' to build lavish homes? Hard to say, but we do know that our mutual love for creativity became the centre of our friendship early on and has never wavered. Our friendship took us through many life experiences together, our first jobs, our first boyfriends, and now our dream job! The creative agency you see today has been built on a solid foundation of positive energy that knows no limits.


Meet Angelika & Cecilia, your new creative besties - because two creatives are better than one.

Branding for the Collective™

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