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5 Reasons Why Being Self Employed Is The Sh*t

The feeling you get when someone asks what you do for a living, and you answer with, “I own my own business” - priceless

Being an entrepreneur is definitely scary at times - but the end result makes it sooo worth it. The feeling you get when someone asks what you do for a living, and you answer with, “I own my own business” - priceless

Being self-employed brings more pros than cons, ones that definitely outweigh working for someone else by a long shot.  Besides, the freedom to come and go as you please and the ability to develop your own schedule there are many other rewards that come with it, especially when you are leading an intentional and conscious brand.

Anyone can create a business, but it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and some sort of strategy to keep one up and running! Since we keep talking about these so-called “pros” then why don’t we get into the specifics?

What a great question - you asked for it so you know we have to deliver. Here are the reasons you should be an entrepreneur like, yesterday →

Bringing new ideas to the world!

As an entrepreneur, you are contributing to our global community and you are bringing new ideas to the table!

When you work for a company or under someone else, I’m sure you’ve noticed that a lot of your amazing ideas never get to see the light of day - just know this doesn't happen when you’re in charge, baby.

The more the merrier we say!

You are ALWAYS learning

You think you stop learning things once school is over? 


The benefit of always learning is consistent growth, sparking new ideas, consistently upgrading skills which brings further opportunities within your professional and personal life.

Learning is quite literally forever!

Job Security

When you mention anything along the lines of entrepreneurship, people automatically think of risk.

It’s pretty funny actually. Many people may beg to differ when it comes to being self-employed as a reliable and sustainable means of income - we believe it to be the total opposite!

The ability to work hard enough that you increase profits and income is far more attainable as a self-employed individual rather than working for someone else and begging for a raise that was promised to you months ago.

Meet new like-minded people, grow your circle

You are who you surround yourself with, right? The same goes for your professional life as well! When you are in your element, working with like-minded individuals who are aiming for similar goals, you are more likely to feel more inspired as an entrepreneur.

Sometimes owning a business can feel lonely from time to time, but having a little community supporting you and your self-owned business gives you the necessary confidence you need, and it’s an amazing thing to have!

Improved Quality of Life Overall

Overall, we find the quality of life to be better as an entrepreneur. The thought of doing what you love and what you find meaningful brings a sense of true purpose and meaning to our everyday work lives.

Meaning the reward is so much greater!

You know the saying, “if something doesn't scare you, then it’s not worth it”? Apply it to all aspects of your life.


We're sure there are so many other reasons why you should become an entrepreneur, but these are the specific things that we have realized in the midst of our business journey.

We’d also like to note that at one point we were exactly in your shoes - you’re scared, and have so many questions and concerns when it comes to taking the chance and starting your own business… we get it!

Just remember that you’re not alone and if you’re passionate about something, then go for it. Wouldn’t you rather try something, and have it fail, than if you were to have never taken the chance at all?

Our DMs are always open to chat about this vulnerable time in your life - and if you ever need to outsource the design part of your SUCCESSFUL business, then you know where to reach us.

We see you going far, superstar!


The Subcultr Team xo

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