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GOYA Training Club is for those who are hungry to work hard and achieve unrivalled results. The intense H.I.T.T. workouts effectively challenge your body and mind while creating curves in all the right places. Made for those who appreciate the balance of inner discipline and freedom and are willing to be pushed beyond their limits to become stronger, sexier, and free to live an exciting and fast-paced lifestyle while feeling connected to a powerful community of energetic people. Approaching fitness instruction with a no-bullshit mentality, GOYA Training Club teaches discipline and commitment while creating a space that encourages self-expression. With dynamic body sculpting techniques that challenge perceptions of the unattainable hourglass figure, GOYA workouts achieve this look naturally. The on-demand platform and membership plan make it accessible to anyone, anywhere, allowing people with busy lifestyles to maintain and build fitness from the comfort of their own private spaces.


Branding for the Collective™

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